Be a Competitor

Contender Boot Camp… It’s Tough! Training is 6:00pm-7:00pm Mondays and Wednesdays with all sessions held at Madkatz Boxing Club. The focus of these sessions is to get you fit, teach you basic techniques, and most importantly, determine whether or not there is a potential match up for you among the group of contenders. Give it your all, listen to your coaches’ instructions and follow through with the program both in and out of training. As we go through the training, we will make our final determinations on who will be paired together for Boxing for Community.


Please note, the main focus is not necessarily to find the best boxers, but rather to determine from the group of Contenders, what match-ups we can make that will be the fairest and most evenly matched in terms of weight, ability, potential and attitude. This is a complex jigsaw puzzle and for safety reasons, we simply must get the pieces right. We ask that you respect the process and the final outcome. Be aware that regardless of whether you have prior boxing experience, you should participate in at least one Contender Bootcamp to be eligible for the event. Contender Bootcamp is also about assessing people’s work ethic, their commitment, their temperament and making sure that we get the right dynamic for the group but most importantly that we all have fun over the next few months as you train for our gala.


The schedule calls for twice per week sessions, plus a weekly cardio session on your own time as there will be a lot more expected of you to maintain and build your fitness on your own time as well. Training sessions will consist of shadow boxing, bag work, pads, technique and sparring with your certified coaches. Contenders will be split into 2 groups, Blue Corner with Madkatz owner and head coach Geoff Lawrence and Red Corner with former Canadian Womens Professional Boxing Champ Michelle Nelson, where you will train together until our event on November 3, 2016. In addition, there will be a few cardio conditioning camps. The cost of delivering this level of training, covering all marketing, equipment, coaching and gym time is very high, however with sponsorship and volunteers, we are able to reduce this amount significantly. Boxing for Community is covering the costs of training with your coaches, gym use for training and equipment for fighting; this is being covered through sponsorship.


Contenders are requested to fundraise and get community support, corporate sponsorship and donations towards their overall goals. We request that each contender raise a minimum of $1500 that will go to the United Way, each cash donation made to the contender will receive a tax receipt. We will help you to set up a page on our website that will serve as your personal fundraising page to recruit donations and support towards your goal. Contenders are also encouraged to find sponsorships for themselves to assist with additional training costs, outfit for the event, medical fee, etc. Each contender will require a medical clearance and will be the responsibility of the contender to pay that fee, this should be done as soon as possible and is required in order to compete at our event.


To find our more information on being a competitor please contact our event producer, Christina Ferreira, at:

Thank you to all our amazing community partners!